The Girl, with the ~ Hay!

The last couple days have brought me inspiring moments, and situations, where I have discovered people, who were, seemingly reveling in the simple state of being, or utter happiness.  One took place today, and the other yesterday.  I will start with the one from today, since I like to go backwards in my approach, like the Chinese who rise at dawn, and walk with their backs against the morning sun.

Today I went to a garden center to get various items.  While I was pushing the cart around, searching for things I needed, and didn’t need, I saw a young girl, of 16 years or so, also pushing a cart, and on it was a small bundle of hay, all tied up.  Somehow our eyes met. She exuded an undefinable delight,  an energy from within, and without, which united me with her, like a converging of souls in the universe.  While the experience of her energy was flowing through my outer aura, I asked her, “What are you going to do with the hay?” As she smiled, and laughed, and lifted her arms up into the air, bringing them down in a circular motion, she said; “I’m going to do a ‘faaaall thing’!” The Spanish sounding ‘a’s’ resonated, as if cascading, in mid-air, creating a sort of waterfall effect, after which and without explanation, we both let out a hearty laugh, and walked our separate ways.  Before doing so, however, I of course, with practicality in mind, suggested that the hay might come in handy, that is, if she were going to seed the lawn. That made no sense to her whatsoever!  She was young, and had no reason to worry about lawns.

So I went on my way, looking for mums, and such things, when our paths crossed once again. I noticed that the hay wasn’t there anymore, and so I said: “What happened to your hay?”, to which, she replied, with a slight downward turn of her lips, and a silly frown on her face; “She made me put it back.”  I turned to look at an unsmiling woman next to her, whom I presumed to be her mother, and I said, to her; “but she was going to be creative, and do a faaaall thing”!  And the mother said, “Over my dead body!  I’ll not be picking up bits of hay, all over the place.”  So that was that!  I looked at the girl, who was still smiling, and back at her mother, again, and thought, “Some people just don’t understand.”  I knew it was best not to interfere, and so, with a smile, I bid adieu, and went on my merry way.

Well, there is another story of inspiration, but I think it will suffice to tell another day.  As for now, and later, I await with eagerness, anything, out of the ordinary, something extraordinary, that comes my way.