Journal Entry – August 1939

You may be an artist, a writer, a someone, a nobody, a bricklayer, or a masseuse, but in the end we are all historians.  Whether we leave a record of ourselves, through a drawing, a novel, short story, essay, a cornerstone in a building, or touch someone with a a healing hand, it's all a [...]

Simple Words

In the morning, I drove by a bunch of pale yellow daffodils, sitting beside the road, in the culvert, all alone, they stood out in their vanity, among the weeds.  Further down the road, the gate to the cemetery was wide open, on this cloudy day.  Gray stones popped up against green grass. Littered with small [...]

As wave is driven by wave.

As wave is driven by wave.

As wave is driven by wave and each pursued pursues the wave ahead So time flies on and follows, always, forever, and new. What was before is left behind; What never was is now; and every passing moment is renewed. Ovid "Metamorphosis"