Tuesday, November 5th.

ON A WALK Near the edge of the woods A young male buck With two stubby antlers Stared me down. To the right, A white-tailed doe, Darted swiftly into the brush. It was dusk, and mist enveloped the house below. The air was cool, and still, Everywhere, And smelled of pine needles, and decayed leaves. [...]

Talca, Chile

Talca, Chile

Been going to Chile, for a long time.  Believe it or not, I hold a sort of love hate relationship with this country.  A place I hold near and dear, for many reasons, but truthfully I remain affected by the injustices I've seen, the stratification of society, and the patience of the 'have nots.'  Having [...]

Pastel Morning

  Grays, mauves, sages, soft beiges, and oranges, With grades of taupe, Color the forest, the quiet forest, On this winter morn, In January. GRB

Corinth, Vermont

Corinth, Vermont

Light snow falls from gray skies covering Orange of sunrise, Moments ago, fled by. Mountains strong and steady loom high. French toast on the griddle say, "Goodbye.' Water sounds in the shower beside. Clean suds, warm upon the skin. What passes by. Time flows into Time In a place I love. GRB


Windy today. Gray and cloudy too. The sun is waiting to appear. Out of the shade And from the dew. By me, T.C. December was the last month of the old Roman year which was divided into ten months. The Saxons called it 'winter-monat' or winter month, and 'heligh-monat,' or holy month, Mottoes: 'In December [...]

Live to tell it.

An old story, written in August. Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.  Get it out of your mind by writing it down, before you forget.  What I have to say is not earth shattering, drastic, or anything of the kind.  It's about a face to face conversation (getting rarer and rarer) [...]