Oregon Coast

Heceta Head Lighthouse can be seen on the peninsula in the distance. The light from the rotating prism casts a warning 20 miles out. Heceta Head has the longest visibility of any of the nine Oregon Sentinels. The 56 foot beacon towers 205 feet above the ocean. It first cast its light in 1894. Lighthouses are not only a technology for maritime safety but for many a symbol of hope and stability.

Stepping Stones

My journal is filled with disconnected ideas, weather conditions, and random thoughts.  Days and dates, and months of the year quickly pass by.   Yesterday marked the first day of Spring, an annual milestone, filled with new hopes and dreams, like a toddler taking their first steps across the room. 

I don’t remember learning to walk, but will never forget when I learned to ride bike.   One day, a small bicycle suddenly appeared in the yard, and I knew what to do.  It wasn’t mine.  It was borrowed, and I would teach myself to ride.  No eyes watched me, and no one talked.  No training wheels attached themselves to the frame, either.  It was hop on and go, from the top of a small embankment of the lawn, down.  The incline was slight, and the soft, fluffy grass protected me when I fell.  The time  spent balancing became greater than time on the ground, until finally I was sailing away.  It only took a day, or two.  Left to my imagination,  in this crucial task of growing up,  the  way to build and sustain my fragile confidence, was to be left alone, to own the accomplishment for myself.  

It just occurred to me that the photograph I took of the stepping stones, leading from the forest into the open field, can be a metaphor for every task I embark upon, in every new stage of life, like riding the bike.  And now, as each page of the calendar gets turned, and every new season passes by, the uncertainty remains as powerful as before.  But, to move along means to cross the stepping stones at every  juncture, and make the most, of tous les jours.   

Love vs. Jealousy

Every family,

Should have this quote,

Hanging over their hearth,

Or stuck on the Fridge.

Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own…Jealousy is a disease.  The immature mind often mistakes one for the other, or assumes that the greater the love, the greater the jealousy.


 Robert Heinlein  


A New Leaf!

One week into the new year, of 2021 – resolutions made are resolutions broken. Three days ago I saw a single red breasted robin mingling with other feathered friends in the yard. Two days later in the sunshine, dozens were bopping around the grass, pecking the earth, in search of bait. Learned as a child that the return of the Robin was a sign of spring. Interestingly, they decided to show up, in January, the coldest month of winter, where I live, in the northern hemisphere. Why weren’t they around in December, or November? I want to know.

On January 1st I found this frosty leaf, sitting upon a stone step. Perfectly sculpted in crystals, it may soon get blown away, and disintegrate, only to penetrate the soil of the earth, and decay, for renewal, and rebirth. To dust it shall return. Nature reminds us we’re here on a temporary basis, and from dust we too came, and to dust, like the leaf, will likewise return. But, in the meantime, we can use our hands, motivated by our hearts, and directed by our heads, to achieve the most we can, for the good of all, as long as we’re here. And when life gets boring, or when we realize our resolutions have been broken, or we forgot they were ever made, we can turn a new leaf, for purpose, and redirection.