Journal Entry – August 1939

You may be an artist, a writer, a someone, a nobody, a bricklayer, or a masseuse, but in the end we are all historians.  Whether we leave a record of ourselves, through a drawing, a novel, short story, essay, a cornerstone in a building, or touch someone with a a healing hand, it’s all a part of history, and each participant makes a mark on that moment in time.  Our communications, whatever form they may take – others will be the recipients of the message.

Shirley Baker’s words ring true.

What is history if it is not an imagined past – a collection of facts which are viewed and interpreted in the light of our own experiences.

And another quote.

My journal may prove completely worthless and a waste of time.  Yet, as a historian, I  must satisfy the impulse to record what is happening around me.

Alexander Brandel

Mila 18 by Leon Uris