"Babbitt" is an important book in American Literature.  It mirrors a pivotal time in the history of a country that is less than 150 years old. I agree with an article I recently read that said 'Goodreads had it all wrong when they gave "Babbitt" an undeserving low score.' This author, whom I will have [...]

If you come back someday.

The day is waiting!  Dawn passed before I awoke, and the sun is getting too bright for comfort.  Alas, one mustn't begrudge the sunshine, though there is nothing like a rainy day to set thoughts in motion. Having awakened with a clean slate, alongside one of many chores, and things to do, I ask, "Which [...]

Carpe Diem & the Lion

Carpe Diem & the Lion

When there's nothing else to talk about, there's always the weather.  Weather is the essence of nature, and a metaphor for human behavior, not to mention how much it can influence our mood and outlook. Today is no exception. The morning was beautiful, as I drove to work.  There was a light fog, the sun, [...]


A while back I read an interesting article about superstitions. If I recall, it was from the  Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post.  Anyway, the ideas have come back to me.  The article, defined superstitions as associations made with habits, or the acquisition of objects, for a desired outcome, or to prevent an undesirable [...]

A broken friend, & other random thoughts.

A broken friend, & other random thoughts.

Sometimes biting in to a bad chocolate, and eating it, is like adopting a broken friend, and never giving up on him, or her. When everything seems hopeless, browse for that inner voice calling your own name.  You are not alone. There seems to be a cosmic conscience of alter egos, in the universe.  It [...]

Happy birthday, dad!

I keep putting this up and putting it down.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's denial.  It's hard to believe he would be 100 years old, and that I am still alive to be able to know this fact. This is my dad's way of thinking, per my brother.  In a nutshell, my dad wrote [...]

Dreams and Reality

Dreaming is essential to living, yet, can a dream ever be fully realized, or fulfilled?  Once it hits the threshold of reality, isn't it no longer a dream? How long can one sustain living in a dreamland, a world of fantasy, without hitting rock bottom? Aren't we only setting ourselves up for disappointment with too [...]

Before I know it…

...this year will be coming to a close.  Here we are in September and so much has happened since January, 2014. I have been to so many places and done so many things.  January 2nd, we managed to arrive to Philadelphia, along with the storm called, Hercules. Actually, we arrived a few hours before this [...]