“Someone sent me flowers.”

There are gifts that stay with you, for as long as you live.  I still remember the surprise I felt for dolls I unwrapped for Christmas. Will never forget when my brother and his girlfriend showered me with small gifts for my golden birthday.  There was a colorful piggy bank, wicker nested suitcases, and candy [...]


Made a journey down a winding road, to see an old friend, and a dog named Luna.  Near the ocean we stayed, watching the waves, come and go. On the morning walk with the dogs at the beach, the tilting fence glistened in the sun, with sand at her feet, and budding rose bushes of [...]

A broken friend, & other random thoughts.

A broken friend, & other random thoughts.

Sometimes biting in to a bad chocolate, and eating it, is like adopting a broken friend, and never giving up on him, or her. When everything seems hopeless, browse for that inner voice calling your own name.  You are not alone. There seems to be a cosmic conscience of alter egos, in the universe.  It [...]

Happy birthday, dad!

I keep putting this up and putting it down.  I don't know why.  Maybe it's denial.  It's hard to believe he would be 100 years old, and that I am still alive to be able to know this fact. This is my dad's way of thinking, per my brother.  In a nutshell, my dad wrote [...]