Why do some places just pop out at me?  Can't be sure, but this is one of them.  On a street in North London, I found this incredibly intriguing doorway.  It's so electrical!  The name on the entrance called my attention and then I go to looking at the whole scene.  The decoration over the [...]

Taking Care

The snow was all around today, The trees laden, of white fluffy stuff, emerged in the gray blue sky. There was a chill in the air. No birds were singing. The sound of shovels could be heard. The tread of feet crunched in the snow paved drive, Taking care of early morning rise. The day [...]

“Credo” by Virginia Small

“Credo” by Virginia Small

Just get to the point, he said. But which point, she wondered. Is there just one and how do we decide which one it is, or should be? Just make your point and let's be done with it, he stated. And her mind wandered from that room, to another point- a rock at the edge [...]

Before moving on…

... to the woods and the prairie of Winnesheik (Chapter VII), Hamlin recollects, his school days in Wisconsin.  Instead of attending the village school, he and his siblings joined a few others at the home of John Roche.  He recalls John's daughter, Indiana, (a very cool name) whom they called Ingie. The selection of books [...]

Faribault, Minnesota

Faribault, Minnesota is a lovely, well preserved town, about one hour and a half straight south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. One of the earliest European settlements in Minnesota, it is filled with beautiful architecture, and prominent institutions.