B&W – Recent Photography

The featured image above depicts an old barn, or large shed, difficult to access from the road, because it is on a sharp curve.  The worn weathered siding stood out on this foggy day in February, 2019.Old Red Barn, New England.  March 2019Old Red Barn. New England in March 2019._DSC0126A triangle shape, in the tree.  Geometric shapes intermingle with the snow covered hemlock.  March snow.  Or maybe it was February.DSC_6481A tangled mess of prickly brambles, on the roadside.  These overgrowths are usually a dark purple color, and make me think of the arteries inside the body.  They are ominous, and not to be approached with your hands, or any other part of your body.

Autumn Leaves 2018, in Sunlight.Autumn leaves dappled in warm afternoon sunlight.  Fall, 2018.

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