Did You Know?

Did you know that French paleontologists have discovered massive footprints left by three gigantic long necked sauropods, in a location called Castelbouc Cave?  According to Science News these sauropods walked along the seaside 168 million years ago. The discovery was made by Jean-David Moreau and his colleagues who descended 500 meters into the natural cave, [...]

Down The Stairs

Down The Stairs

Yesterday morning early, I glanced at a report in Time Magazine, about a young woman in New York City.  She was carrying a baby stroller, with her baby in it, down the stairs of the subway station.  The mother was found dead, after impact.  Fortunately, the baby was O.K.  It wasn’t certain if the mother died [...]

Sad News

Bob Simon, at 73 years of age, died as the result of a collision, in New York City.  He was a passenger in the car. An anchorman for 60 Minutes, Bob joined CBS as a correspondent in 1967.  From the Bronx, he graduated from Brandeis University as a history major and worked in the foreign [...]