Down The Stairs

Yesterday morning early, I glanced at a report in Time Magazine, about a young woman in New York City.  She was carrying a baby stroller, with her baby in it, down the stairs of the subway station.  The mother was found dead, after impact.  Fortunately, the baby was O.K.  It wasn’t certain if the mother died from a preexisting condition, or from the fall. The article said that it is not uncommon for people to carry their baby in a stroller down the stairs at the subway station, and that others will often help, but not always. In this case, it wasn’t clear if anyone had offered a hand, or not. When I began my day with this story, I was struck by an incredible feeling of sadness, for this woman, and I don’t even know her. They quoted her brother to say ‘she was a wonderful mother’.

John Donne wrote in his poem, “No Man is an Island”;

Every man’s death diminishes me.

I felt diminished, by the news of this young woman’s death.