Did You Know?

Did you know that French paleontologists have discovered massive footprints left by three gigantic long necked sauropods, in a location called Castelbouc Cave?  According to Science News these sauropods walked along the seaside 168 million years ago. The discovery was made by Jean-David Moreau and his colleagues who descended 500 meters into the natural cave, where they’ve studied these five-toed herbivore tracks measuring 1.25 meters in length.  The footprints were actually found on the roof of the cave. Imagine the immensity of these creatures that lived in the mid Jurassic era. The scientists work out of the Université Bourgogne Franche-Compté in Dijon, France.

Paraphrased in my own words, the information was taken from, “This paleontologist goes spelunking for dino prints”  by John Pickrell

Science News / June 6, 2020