Along the Aurelian Wall

While the streets of Rome were packed with tourists, buzzing here and there, taking selfies at the Spanish Steps, or the Fontana di Trevi, my thoughts were set in motion by the many people over the centuries that have made a pilgrimage to this unbelievable landscape.  A visit to see The Keats Shelley house is a case in point, of all the many reasons people come to Rome.  Keats came because he knew he was going to die of TB and he didn’t want that to happen in his cold damp land, of England, so he said goodbye to his sister named Fanny and another love of his life also named Fanny, a woman he was never able to marry, because he could never provide for her.

At the end of the day, back in my safe place, I decided to set out on an early evening walk.  With my camera I walked along the Aurelian wall and took this picture of these flowers bathed in sunlight.  They seemed a perfect ending to celebrate the life of a great poet, named John Keats.