“Bright Star, would I were steadfast as thou art” John Keats

Home of Keats and Shelley, with views of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome.

A comforting epitaph, found at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome.
Silhouette of a Cat
John Keats Plaque
Non Catholic Cemetery
Keats alongside his friend Joseph Severin, who nursed Keats to his death.
Shelley's Memorial
Covered with flowers
Keats Shelley House
On the Piazza di Spagna, beside the Spanish Steps.
Keats Bedroom
Small Narrow Room overlooking the Piazza
Filled with books that have been inspired by Keats life and writing.

Library View

Poets, as far as far as Argentina revered and were inspired by the writing of Keats. For example, a manuscript by Jorge Luis Borges, from Argentina. Borges, blind had all his work transcribed by his mother. He was known for his appreciation of classical literature and housed a huge library in his apartment in Buenos Aires.

Words by Keats

Words written on Keats Grave