Open for Trick or Treaters

For me, Halloween is a special celebration. My son was born on the 24th of October, 1989. I remember his first. An infant, he was sitting on my lap, in the living room of Pudding Lane, waiting for trick or treaters to come. My husband had taken our 3 year old daughter out around the neighborhood, with friends. She didn’t want to miss out on the fun. Every year after, our children donned homemade costumes, (until they could make their own) and walked around the neighborhood, knocking on doors. “Trick or Treat!”

Even more fun was had when we moved to a different neighborhood. With 28 kids living on the street, there was never a loss for little taps on our door, followed by the thunderous roar of monsters, princesses, and goblins, in packs, screaming in unison, “Trick or Treat”! The same, year after year! Little kids, with silly parents standing by their side, big kids, high school kids, all showed up. I couldn’t wait to see their costumes.

Yesterday was another Halloween. I went out to buy groceries. A clerk with a beautiful green face checked me out. Then I thought, “Forgot to get candy”, so I parked my cart of purchases at the front of the store, and ran and grabbed a couple of bags. Arriving home, I turned on the outside lights, and made dinner. When we finished eating, it dawned on me that no-one had come. It wasn’t a surprise, as it’s been a couple of years now. Our street is dark, and the street off of it is also dark, winding and hilly. No more kids live on this dead end street, more glamorously called a “cul-de-sac.”  Dead-End is more fitting for Halloween.

Looking at the candy on the counter, reality set in.  Un-opened, I hadn’t put them in a basket by the door, like before. Thoughtlessly, I ripped into a bag, and ate a Mr. Good Bar. My favorite! Relishing the sweet chocolate flavor in my mouth, I said, “Too many left for my own good.”

Chalking up another Halloween; Could this year’s be a latent phase of the ‘Empty Nest Syndrome?’ – A hard knock on the door of Time.  A reminder of how to stay forever young! Next year calls for a costume, with a green face, and a sign up at the end of the street. “Open for trick or treaters!”