The sound of droplets falling to the ground was heard. I saw them collecting on the window pane. like a tear collecting in the corner of a single eye, Sliding down like a stream of broken dreams, dissipating, slipping away. Outside, orange crocuses popped out of the ground making merry on a spring-like day. In other [...]

Open for Trick or Treaters

For me, Halloween is a special celebration. My son was born on the 24th of October, 1989. I remember his first. An infant, he was sitting on my lap, in the living room of Pudding Lane, waiting for trick or treaters to come. My husband had taken our 3 year old daughter out around the neighborhood, [...]

Göttingen, Germany

Located in Lower Saxony, in central Germany, Göttingen was first mentioned in 953.  The University of Göttingen is the central focus of the city, and was founded by George II in 1757.  Today it is noted for its strength in Physics and Mathematics, in addition to having one of the largest library collections in all [...]

Much Needed Rain

As the day commences and the gray skies roll in, on this mid September day, I have thoughtless nothingness rolling through my mind. A vague recollection of a sweet dream, brought on by night fall's misty stars.  I try to wrap my mind around the blissful moment, but reality pushes out groggy sleep, to move [...]