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I canceled the newspaper while I was on vacation. I was going to discontinue it indefinitely then I thought of getting it Thursday through Sunday, which is what I think I told them on the phone. I also said I wanted to wait until September. So the paper arrived, yesterday – on Sunday, in July. I was happy to see it in the box. This morning I heard the car come to a stall at 5 A.M. -the time the newspaper arrives. Wait a minute! -it’s Monday. It’s not supposed to come until Thursday, in September. Like yesterday I was happy to make my ritual walk to the end of the driveway and sit down and read the paper. Here is what I found newsworthy:

From the Hartford Courant. (I’ll save my critique of this paper for later)

RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS BRIDGE THE GAP For the first time rabbinical students from the Theological Seminary in New York City are attending the Hartford Seminary. The seminary offers classes to Jewish, Muslim and Christian students with the hopes of fomenting better understanding among the three religions. -A good idea as long as religion is around.

YOGA ON THE FARMINGTON RIVER Yoga classes are being offered on the Farmington River. The picture shows pupils holding poses on a paddleboard on the water to test their balance. -Not sure if I am up to this one!

EXIT POLLS PUT PRI BACK ON TOP Mexican elections are pretty much over and the PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional) is back in power after 12 years out of the spotlight. The new president is Enrique Pena Nieto. They are hoping to stimulate the economy and put the drug war to an end. More than 50,000 lives have been lost in six years. According to the article the drug cartels supply cocaine, heroin, marijuana and methamphetamine to users in the United States. -One would think the wall would keep the drugs out.

HEALTH CARE LAW RULING SPARKS TV WAR OF WORDS The Democrats are happy about the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of ObamaCare but they don’t like the tax mandate. Overall, conservatives and Republicans are disappointed with the decision and if Romney is elected they will repeal the law. However polls show there is an increased approval of the healthcare reform by more and more conservatives – the percentage jumped from 43% to 47%. Nancy Pelosi questioned the ethics of Republicans wanting to repeal a law which will help children, young adults, men and women and seniors with needed health care. -Dah!

ROBERT’S HEALTH CARE RULING LONG-TERM WIN by George Will You will have to read this one on your own. He seems to be in favor of the decision. -Will usually presents an interesting argument, even if he is conservative.

So, it is good my newspaper showed up today and yesterday. What happens tomorrow? Now it’s back to reading the comics!

Oh, one last thing! – Spain won (4-0) the EURO 2012 championship against Italy. -What will they call this championship when the euro is defunct?

Stay tuned…

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