Bonn is a lovely city, with a relaxed atmosphere.  The mood felt unpretentious and welcoming as we roamed the streets on a gray and rainy November afternoon.

A highlight was a visit to the birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven.  Interestingly he lived in Bonn until he was 22 years old, developing his attributes as a pianist and player of the viola, as well as his artistry as a composer.  He left for Vienna for other opportunities in music with the intention of returning to Bonn, but the political situation in Germany prevented him from fulfilling his plan. Vienna turned out to be the best place to nurture his musical talents and actually earn a living.  He was much beloved by the Viennese public indicated by the huge throng of admirers at his funeral.

Ludwig was a fervent follower of Napoleon. He dedicated one of his compositions to Bonaparte, but when the aforesaid had himself crowned Holy Roman Emperor, Beethoven crossed the leader’s name off of the score.

Click on the first image, to view the photos individually, if you wish.



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