Bear Lake

A few childhood memories of Lake Wapogasset-Bear Lake - I always had a burning desire to go there.  Little cottages, built by my grandfather, dotted the scenic shore. One was left to my grandma.  We sometimes went there, but there were so many of us. My mother had to keep an eye that we didn't [...]



Segesta is a magical archaeological site, located in the high hills of Northwestern Sicily.  A visit in the late afternoon, when other tourists were heading out, allowed a mystical impression of a very special place. Apparent facts escape me at this moment.  Only that Segesta was occupied by various peoples, over thousands of years.  The [...]


  Friday afternoon on a plaza of a working class neighborhood in Rome. The recorded history of Testaccio goes back to 2BC.  On the south side of Rome, early on it was a place to store discarded remnants from imports. In the nineteenth century it was industrial and lacked adequate sanitation, electricity, and water. Living [...]

Along the Aurelian Wall

While the streets of Rome were packed with tourists, buzzing here and there, taking selfies at the Spanish Steps, or the Fontana di Trevi, my thoughts were set in motion by the many people over the centuries that have made a pilgrimage to this unbelievable landscape.  A visit to see The Keats Shelley house is [...]



Time is flying.  It is already 'Oggi'.  Today!  Tomorrow will be "Domani'.  Oggi é giovedì, domani, venerdì. Oggi sono andata in Testaccio.  Today I walked in Testaccio, visiting places I've never been, and others I know, from before. I have walked through a few neighborhoods in Rome, and Testaccio, in my mind is, most authentically [...]

What goes around, comes around…

This year for Christmas, my daughter gave me a book called "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's about creativity. With this book in mind, a revelation was bestowed upon me today, when I looked back to a journal I received  from my friend Isabel, about 3 years ago.  Lo and behold, on the first page, [...]