Henrietta Lacks

When the pandemic began to effect my life, seriously I was reading "Living" by Annie Dillard, an excellent writer, but the story got to be so dreary, I picked up Willa Cather's book "The Professor's House." I knew I could count on Willa to give me some sense of redemption - not in the self-centered [...]


The sound of droplets falling to the ground was heard. I saw them collecting on the window pane. like a tear collecting in the corner of a single eye, Sliding down like a stream of broken dreams, dissipating, slipping away. Outside, orange crocuses popped out of the ground making merry on a spring-like day. In other [...]

The Same Way

The Same Way

People don't  always see things in the same light.  Reactions will differ, from something to nothing at all.  Even in seeing a blade of grass. The same blade of grass in a sea of millions of other blades, an observer might ask: why are you looking at that blade of grass? -singular, like yourself. - [...]