Strangers in a Strange Land

Dear You, Once upon a time not so long ago, in fact a few, or several, or some weeks ago just before we were ordered to shelter in our abodes because a deadly virus was encroaching upon the world and getting closer to home, I paid a visit to the local library. And, boy, am [...]

Did You Know?

Did you know that French paleontologists have discovered massive footprints left by three gigantic long necked sauropods, in a location called Castelbouc Cave?  According to Science News these sauropods walked along the seaside 168 million years ago. The discovery was made by Jean-David Moreau and his colleagues who descended 500 meters into the natural cave, [...]

So much sadness

So much sadness in the world.  People dying alone, or on their cell phone, through a hospital window saying goodbye to a loved one.   Or not saying goodbye from a bed in the projects, or a castle on the rock, like Mont San Michel.  Too much misery. The tsunami was coming our way.  But [...]

Henrietta Lacks

When the pandemic began to effect my life, seriously I was reading "Living" by Annie Dillard, an excellent writer, but the story got to be so dreary, I picked up Willa Cather's book "The Professor's House." I knew I could count on Willa to give me some sense of redemption - not in the self-centered [...]


The sound of droplets falling to the ground was heard. I saw them collecting on the window pane. like a tear collecting in the corner of a single eye, Sliding down like a stream of broken dreams, dissipating, slipping away. Outside, orange crocuses popped out of the ground making merry on a spring-like day. In other [...]