Memory Bank

April will now be remembered for the tragic burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.  The vivid image of the spire in flames falling to the ground, and this 12th century structure, engulfed in flames will forever be a sad part of the past.  Maybe saddest of all is it happened during Holy [...]

Historical Queens, in February

Queen Anne was born February 6th, in 1665. If anyone has ever seen the new movie called “The Favourite” it will make you wonder about the life Queen Anne led. That is if I have the same Queen Anne. The movie is a bit wild. Queen Anne’s relationships with her two ladies in waiting, and [...]

Before moving on…

... to the woods and the prairie of Winnesheik (Chapter VII), Hamlin recollects, his school days in Wisconsin.  Instead of attending the village school, he and his siblings joined a few others at the home of John Roche.  He recalls John's daughter, Indiana, (a very cool name) whom they called Ingie. The selection of books [...]

Faribault, Minnesota

Faribault, Minnesota is a lovely, well preserved town, about one hour and a half straight south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. One of the earliest European settlements in Minnesota, it is filled with beautiful architecture, and prominent institutions.

With Love, Lizzie

As the train sped away to Minnesota, Her message was loud and clear: 'Crete, I left, too sick to say goodbye. With Love, Lizzie' The 20th day of July, in 1870 she died, at 37 years. Lost letters, and diaries, her story they tell, They say, 'Lizzie's body, lies here'. By TiffanyCreek Photo by Dave [...]