Picnic at the Farm

Picnic at the farm, dated 1944, but uncertain?

From left:  Unidentified man with baby, Ervin & Louise Smith (holding Noel; apparently visiting in Wisconsin on vacation), Jeanne, Rose, Alma (in rear), Annabelle, John & Mark, Ray (in rear), L.H. , Kay Raustad (Ada’s daughter), Ada, Mary Severance, and Richard .  Emilie Dubois’ crutch leaning against the house, and her hat is just visible as she sits in the porch chair.  Who’s taking the photo?  Perhaps Lee Raustad (Ada’s husband) or Father John?  If 1944, Richard on furlough?  Mary?

Uncle Fred’s picnic table serving well.   The old house has the addition, which greatly improved our standard of living.  The car is Grandpa’s 1939 maroon Chevy, as verified by Bill.  The unidentified man is likely Kay’s husband.  The baby could be Bill Rivard (right age).

The most interesting life-lesson is that a novel could be written about the people in this photo, and how their lives were affected by time, fate, circumstance and their own choices, and how that affected others.  Since it’s too late in my life to write that novel, let’s stop here… JLR Photo Contribution