Louis Laurin

Louis Lauren 2

Louis Laurin was an exact opposite [of his brother John].  Distant, reserved, even haughty.  We knew him little because he was personally and geographically distant.  He enlisted about 1939, worked up through the ranks [Air Force] during the war years, and retired as a Lt. Colonel. JLR

Louis Laurin was the son of Alma DuBois and her first husband, Louis Laurin. His sister was Louise, and they lived in Cumberland, Wisconsin. Louis Laurin died young, and Alma later married Louis H. Rivard. Alma and Louis H had three sons, John, Raymond and Richard.

I remember Louie Laurin as a small girl. In college years on a trip to South America with my present day husband we stopped in Miami and stayed with Louie and his wife. They had two toy poodle dogs and a very secure home protection system. Louie was hospitable, not exuberant in his manner but graciously took us around Miami and showed us the highlights, like Coconut Grove. GRB