April is Here!

Edith Holden wrote, in 1906:


The name of this month is derived from the Greek word for ‘opening’:  In many countries of Europe the first of April has for long been appropriated to a facetious custom for which no satisfactory origin has yet been assigned.  To send an ignorant or unsuspecting person on a bootless errand is the great endeavor of the day.  In England such an one is designated ‘April fool’.  In Scotland he is said to be ‘hunting the gowk’, while in France he is called ‘poisson d’Avril’ or April fish.

Days of note; Saint’s Days etc.

April 1.  All Fools’ Day

April 23. Saint George’s Day

April 24. Saint Mark’s Eve


“April weather, rain and sunshine both together.”

“When April blows his horn/Tis good for both hay and corn.”

“An April flood carries away the frog and his brood”

Taken from “The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady”