Once upon a time, there was a Count, who lived in the reign of Granada, in Andalucía.  His name was Lucanor.  Whenever Lucanor had a perplexing issue in his life, he knew he could go to Patrón, his faithful and wise councilor, for good advice.  Well, it happened one early morning, in the courtyard, where sweet birds sing, and the soft warm breeze sends the fragrant aroma of orange blossoms into the air, that the Count was face to face with his Patrón, and said to him:

“Patrón, a very powerful and illustrious man, who professes to be my friend has made me a proposition.”  “Yes”, said the wise council, “Tell me more.”  “Very well,” replied the Count.  “You see, this rich man told me in secret, a few days ago, that for certain reasons he wanted to leave this kingdom, never to return again, and because he had such trust in me, and regarded me with great affection, he wanted to sell to me a part of his land, and leave the rest in my care.  Well, I was quite flattered and honored to have inspired this man, but before I made a decision, I wanted to hear your opinion, on the matter.”

The Patrón responded: “Quite an interesting story my dear friend. I believe my advice is not lacking to you, but since you wanted me to tell you what I think, I shall give you my opinion, at this very moment. In the first place I must warn you that this man, whom you believe to be your friend is testing you.  There is a similar case.  Something that happened to a king with his minister.”