El día de la candelaría


Today is a Holy Day.  It is also Ground Hog day.  All the Christmas decorations are down, all around.  Once in awhile you will see a decoration, here and there.  Maybe they left it up for this day, that last day of Christmastide.  It is said, if you haven’t taken your decorations down by the 5th of January, the day before the Epiphany, than you should keep them up until February 2nd.  I didn’t put up any decorations this year, so it’s all the same to me.

Today, Candlemas, is a festival of candles to symbolize the presentation of Jesus Christ at the temple.  40 days after the birth of a son the mother is allowed to bring their babe to the temple.  It’s an old Jewish tradition, based on the silly notion that women were not pure enough until this passing of time to come before God.  60 days when it’s a baby girl!  Sounds like women control to me.  But, oh well!

Both Ground Hog Day and Candlemas Day mark the mid point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.  It’s still not up above freezing, but we gained 5 minutes of light in the last two days.  That’s progress.  Little by little we will see more light of day.  Keep the candles burning!