Bear Lake

A few childhood memories of Lake Wapogasset-Bear Lake – I always had a burning desire to go there.  Little cottages, built by my grandfather, dotted the scenic shore. One was left to my grandma.  We sometimes went there, but there were so many of us. My mother had to keep an eye that we didn’t misbehave, especially the little ones.  A vivid memory, only of an instant, comes to mind, like deja vu.  I was sitting inside the cottage, and lamenting I could not make myself at home.  We would leave, soon.

My Grandpa sold the lots, on Bear Lake.  My Dad thought about buying one, but it didn’t happen. Years later, home with my own kids, my mom and and I went to the lake to see Uncle John and Jeanne.  They acquired Grandma’s cottage when she died. John had his garage filled with his films, and movies, and assorted projects.  He was an entertainer, of sorts.  Francisco was along. John proudly took us for a ride in his boat, across the lake. There are photos, somewhere, tucked away in a box.