Pacific Ocean

IMG_9062At 7 a.m. walking with my daughter along the edge of the beach, we found this heart made of rocks.  It reminded me how strong the human heart can really be, and how generous people are, even though as human beings we live with uncertainty of what could happen from one moment to the next.  Anticipation lingers in the air. Living is easier for some, than for others.  It really is. Sometimes we find we are the weak ones in life, and other times, the strong, and we carry and support each other when need be. Mothers and fathers lead their children by the hand as they get on the buses for the first time on these August mornings. Young people going off to college need the strength of family and friends. These are the lucky ones.  The unfortunate are those who don’t get second chances in life, for many reasons. Sometimes it’s because of the color of someone’s skin, or a singular child regardless of color, finds himself, or herself, left out.

In front of the heart made of sand, water and rocks, Carolina and I could hear and see the waves of the ocean, large and small, breaking. The tide flowed in and out. The sea, a vast body of water, works with the moon and stars.  Together they govern the movement of rivers and streams, the coming and going of storms, and the magnitude of the human spirit.  It all works like a jigsaw puzzle.  One piece dependent on the other, and we are a part of the matrix.  We can try to control as much as we want but ‘somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds still fly and the dream that you dream, may someday come true, if you so dare to wish upon a star.’ It’s not for us to know.

Listen to the waves of your beating heart, and follow the calling and message of good that comes about. If you want, play the ukulele, or the flute.  Play to your hearts content! As you play don’t worry how it sounds. Whatever you do, never forget, it’s a wonderful world – right where you stand. In the depths of the sea, on the edge of the creek, in a friend, or lover, you can find the way to be strong, and help the weak.  When you find you are weak, the strong will help you.

We can be the good that happens in the world.  We have served our purpose on this earth when we become the breaking waves, and the rolling stones that make up this heart.  In helping others, we gain strength.