Lost Image

Once upon a time, there was a young Asian girl, who wore her long hair pulled back in a pony tail.  She had bangs. One summer day, she was feeding the birds at a city square. Leaning over slightly, her left hand held a bag with food; with the right, she gently tossed the seeds to the grey doves.  They eagerly gathered at her tiny feet.

On this day, her jersey waisted turquoise coat clashed with the bright green grass, growing where dry parched soil allowed.  It was in the afternoon.  She donned a pretty white crinoline skirt trimmed with a pink ribbon along the edge, which fell at her knees. Her tennis shoes, matched the trim on her skirt.  The fine spectacles sitting on her olive-toned skin, glistened with sparkles.

She was happy and beautiful!

A short distance away across the drive, there was a barely perceptible figure of a man, supinely stretched out along the grass.  His head lie northeast, and his feet together, southwest. Completely still, he went unnoticed, until… the soon to be lost image, appeared on my screen.

The girl, disappeared!