On the road again


Traveling is an adventure.  When you have a destination in mind the getting there can be wrought with interesting sights, such as these urban landscapes.  The living spaces stacked upon one another in the apartment building of the Bronx seems an inhumane way of existence.  Growing up in a small midwestern town, I was amazed when I went away to college and met people who actually grew up in New York City.  Their way of life fascinated me and my social mind wanted to know the ins and outs of their daily lives.  The image recalls stories I found in books my mother brought home for me when I was in High School, like “Manchild in a Promised Land,” by Claude Brown.  It was about the struggle for one young man trying to make something of himself, amidst the violence and adverse living conditions in Harlem.  A fight imposed upon an adolescent like myself, for the simple reason he was black.  I admired his persistence and desire to be something other than a casualty in the street.  Memories of the past, and experience in the present converge. I was inspired to take these photographs, while our car sped along the interstate on the way to JFK.