Memories surge from old photographs.  We all have a curious past, past lives, and reinventions of ourselves, I suppose. I was just thinking today, I wish I could stop the clock, or turn it back. There’s not too much I regret, overall, and usually look back at something I thought was horrendous at the time, and realize it wasn’t that bad.

I try not to be reclusive, though I understand the exhaustion that comes with ‘being on’. I prefer to be quiet, but do have a wicked tongue that gets me into trouble, now and then. I love to get out and be with people, go places, but at times when I am in one place, I want to be another: And so on, and so forth. There is a lot of truth to ‘it’s greener on the other side of the fence.’

I like homemaking and artistic things, but I don’t rebuild computers, upholster furniture, or make lampshades. I used to sew the kids pajamas and halloween costumes: Dogs, witches, bats, fairy tale characters, firemen, etc.  The typical things kids like to pretend to be.  Sewing was relaxing, though I was never that great at it, but I could make a costume, without a pattern.  That’s all for today.  Take it easy…

Love from TiffanyCreek