As I drive to school today, on a cloudy wet day, so many images catch my eye.  Condors to building a dream, like the winged eagle that flies o’er the land.  The lifting of the morning rain leaves a gray backdrop, and brings to the foreground the vivid colors abounding on the old colonial road.  A huge oak surrounded on the ground by the conceited narcissi flaunting their yellow color against the green, and the brown.  A small rock lying on top of a huge boulder.  A drizzle of rain begins to come down upon my windshield, and “Gloria” blares on the speaker of the radio, followed by “Let it Rain”.  I laugh, and continue on my way.

Then I remember, parking is limited these days.  I must change my course, and find another place.  The clock ticks, the adrenaline begins to flow, as I pull up to the Shakespeare & Cervantes Parking Garage.  It’s open! I find a place under the letter “G”.  “Love rains down.”