What’s important?

At 19 degrees, it’s important to wear a hat, coat and mittens, today.  Even still, the chorus of birds begins, though the woodpecker’s tap is softer, and one can hear the sound of the rolling wheels of the neighbor’s car, as they roll over the frozen ground of their unpaved driveway.  Taking their son to school, most likely.  He never has to ride the bus.  Oh lucky boy!  Maybe he’ll find out what’s important from his teachers today.  Is it probable, or improbable?

In spite of the weather, it is good that the snow is melting away from the front of the house.  It’s a sorry sight, however, as the shrubs are half eaten by the deer.  Some creative gardening, is in order.

So getting back to the main question; What is important? It can change by the moment.  At this moment, it is vital that I tie up some loose ends to teach my classes today.  For an essential question, I will ask my students to reflect in their journal upon, ¿Qué es importante?.  Will they remember to use the subjunctive mood, or the infinitive of the verb?  Some will, and some won’t, but what is pretty certain, is that they will know, what is important, and once again, the teacher will learn.