Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t…


…pick a daisy in the grass

by the creek at the dam

chasing butterflies.

Homework assigned!

Capture the crickets

and their friend

the grasshopper,

a problem, this was not.

But to stick a pin in the thorax, well…

it seemed barbaric at the time!

Spinning dreams in the sunshine

with the breeze at my neck,

running fast

my feet would carry me,

seemed more sublime!

The civilized ruled

an F was divine.

As mother told me:

“It doesn’t matter!

That grade is not of thine

but of those who seek a feather

to put in their scholastic hat,

and say:

‘The best collection was done by a student of mine!'”

And so I got an A for living,

for freedom,

to inhale fresh air,

while others worried about growing up,

I thought, “I never will!”

And better yet,

the horse I ride

out to pasture to dine,

where it dawns on me that having the right answer

is a mistake…

and wish it not to be mine!