Inner World, Outer World

A documentary based on Eastern Philosophy, which my son recommended to me, comes in a series of 4 parts, each comprised of approximately 45 minutes.  There is a lot of terminology which is unfamiliar to me and may be difficult for me to remember once I have been introduced to them.  So, in an effort to hold on to some of these terms and concepts, this short description will list and perhaps define some of these words and phrases. There may be errors but based on my notations and memory, they go as follows.

Kundalini – align with evolutionary potential

Pingala, Sushunna & Chakra – Energy Wheel

Be the Bee, not the Locust for the Bee passes pollen on for reproduction and the Locust only destroys.

Identify with the stillness in the eye of the hurricane.

Having connections to think with your belly, tap into inner wisdom and use “gut brain”.

Gut Brain is native knowledge coming from the spiral of life. ‘Ask the bees, they have not forgotten to love. They help beauty in diversity to proliferate.

The antelope moves in one direction

Pentagonal, Spiral, logorithmics, Tighten the curves.

Quiet mind to observe within self – equanimity – ying yang.

Spiral forces and images in nature, for example, the snail.

Spiral forces make all conditions and ideas possible.  It pays to take the time.

Plato, geometric proportions, golden ratio, world’s soul.

Art in Nature, Nature is a creative machine. Nature is alive and self-organizing.

The universe was thought of as empty space. Dark – always thinking.  It provides expansion and growth of the universe.

William Blake

Pattern is dynamic, embodied in all living things.  Pattern is nature’s secret language in Art.

Nature is precise and efficient.

“How much math do you need to know to be a flower or a bee?”

Nature embodies the process of self-assembly.

There is mention of the Golden Key and the Mind of God.

If you name me you negate me.

Spirit legend.


God particle – Everything is made of vibration or a hidden dancer – base material of the universe.

Symatics – visible sound.

Sound imitates the creation of matter in the world.  The tortoise shell.

Water high resonance – Sonic waves.

Energy in stillness lies the greatest power.

Consciousness drives the illusion of reality.

Artist and Art are inseparable – Past, Present and Future.

Everything has spirit.

Tetragramaton – Logos – Primordial Word – Chiva


Logos – origin of repetition.

William Blake said the following

I see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour.