Abandoned House or Church?

Driving on a Country Road in Vernon County, Wisconsin, we drove by this house when I saw it was abandoned. Brick House in Vernon CountyI yelled at the top of my voice for my sister to stop, so she did a quick louie in the road going like a bat out of hell and turned around so I could get out and take some photos. That’s what I call sisterly love! Well, I really didn’t have the right kind of shoes on but I trudged through the the tall grass. I was happy just to get some pictures from the outside though now I wish I would have been a little more adventurous and tried to get in. Generally, not my thing, though. And with an antsy sister telling me to hurry up, well, I did what I could. On the other hand the brambles and vines were covering most openings of this grand lady, so I took as many shots as I could from the front and around the back. I like what I got.

A friend of my suggested that this is a church and not a house, because of the two separate doors in the front.  He said that one may have been for women and the other for men.  It is definitely, and unusual set up for a home and the windows sit up high like they would in a church.  Seems it is probably a church, or a meeting house.