What brittle has fallen from tree to ground? Sprigs in a white snowy sea as Shadowy limbs face northeast. Branches flounder and drift northwest. Treading and losing breath Wind spent and shipwrecked twigs, creaking and breaking Submerging and reemerging, gasping for air Like dolphins in a ghostly powdery wave where no one goes. By Georgianna [...]

“Dreary Abandonment”

A homeless shadow moves up the rutted driveway, flanked by spent weeds of summer past. Lightened tracks in the bend make it want to turn to the left around to the back. But wait! There is a shed ahead…what to do? An aura is wavering in the diminishing light of dusk. The shrouded door and [...]


"Winter" by Walter de la Mare Clouded with snow The cold wind blows, And shrill on leafless bough The robin with its burning breast Alone sings now. The rayless sun, Day’s journey done, Sheds its last ebbing light On fields in leagues of beauty spread Unearthly White. Thick draws the dark, and spark by spark, [...]