Made a journey down a winding road, to see an old friend, and a dog named Luna.  Near the ocean we stayed, watching the waves, come and go. On the morning walk with the dogs at the beach, the tilting fence glistened in the sun, with sand at her feet, and budding rose bushes of [...]


Always had a smile, My very best friend, A little older, At times, my mother hen. You gave me a name, I still keep today, You were the one, with whom I wanted to play. But now, like then, We have to part ways.   Others frowned at our friendship, But little did they know, [...]


Your green eyes with golden sparkles glisten like diamonds In the sky. Your vulnerable soul stands Between light and sombra As sun shines through The panes of glass, behind which you stand... Waiting for luck to come… A prince from the Russian forest Maybe... Bearing the gift of love, to fix your broken heart. Yet, [...]