Gathering Together

Gathering Together
On the Ground

People gather together – Friends, family and maybe strangers, too, like autumn leaves, on the ground. Behind each visage, within each beating heart, lie dreams, fears in life and death – and loss. Loved ones are reminisced, and tears fall, while the void of loneliness is filled. Time stands still, like it does, for fallen leaves, and each person, surrounded by love, forgets, for a moment, who they are, or want to be.

Göttingen, Germany

Located in Lower Saxony, in central Germany, Göttingen was first mentioned in 953.  The University of Göttingen is the central focus of the city, and was founded by George II in 1757.  Today it is noted for its strength in Physics and Mathematics, in addition to having one of the largest library collections in all of Germany.  Along with the University, diversified industries exist in Göttingen.

The beauty of Göttingen’s 14th century Gothic churches and architecture remains intact, as it was virtually untouched by bombs of WWII.  It has museums, theaters and a botanical garden.  A small city, its population numbers approximately 223,000 (2003).

Located on the Leine river, Göttingen was chartered in 1211.  The people of Lower Saxony speak Low, as opposed to High German.  Hannover, located 60 miles from Göttingen, is the capitol of Lower Saxony.

Places of interest in Gottingen:

The University Library.