Made a journey down a winding road, to see an old friend, and a dog named Luna.  Near the ocean we stayed, watching the waves, come and go. On the morning walk with the dogs at the beach, the tilting fence glistened in the sun, with sand at her feet, and budding rose bushes of [...]

Without Friends

Summer's secrets hold much in store... frolicking, playing, and more Sadness, and storms, with thunder and lightening, Keeping one up it's quite frightening. Life and death are fare game... Without friends it wouldn't be the same. For my friends by TiffanyCreek

Struggling to Understand

Thoughts on an article from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Sunday, August 17, 2014 IGHGrampa writes about 'struggling to understand issues of Life (and Death)'. He reflects upon the suicide of Robin Williams, saying he had everything a person could possibly want, so how could he possibly want to take his life? Perhaps he has [...]