Made a journey down a winding road, to see an old friend, and a dog named Luna.  Near the ocean we stayed, watching the waves, come and go. On the morning walk with the dogs at the beach, the tilting fence glistened in the sun, with sand at her feet, and budding rose bushes of [...]


Wandering down a country road, in search of clarity and purpose, A man saw a barn. It was a landmark in rural decline. A place of broken dreams from the past. The day was dismal, and stormy. Forlorn thoughts clouded his mind. He paused at the crossing, and stood in the wind and the rain. [...]


Always had a smile, My very best friend, A little older, At times, my mother hen. You gave me a name, I still keep today, You were the one, with whom I wanted to play. But now, like then, We have to part ways.   Others frowned at our friendship, But little did they know, [...]

The Young Day

Winter arrived. A speck on the ground. Snow Strong. Rain falling down. The sky is warm. Gray cold clouds, at bay! Bare bone trees, The morning's hue, Like a small boat, Tow in the young day. TiffanyCreek

Interruptions in Life

Reading can bring back memories, help to understand oneself with respect to the past, the present, and even give direction in life. It can stimulate the imagination and desire to create outside of a story, and make one's own stories. "The Song of the Lark" strikes many such chords for me. Through Cather's quiet introspective [...]

Kindred Spirits (Revised)

Keep to yourself in your dreaming And your dreams will all be in vain, For no grandeur of soul or spirit Can man and woman attain. It has been willed that we dwell as kindred spirits, As kindred spirits we must toil, We must act with a common purpose As we work in a common [...]