“Keeping Our Small Boat Afloat”

"So many blessings have been given to us During the first distribution of light, that we are Admired in a thousand galaxies for our grief. Don't expect us to appreciate creation or to Avoid mistakes.  Each of us is a latecomer To the earth, picking up wood for the fire. Every night another beam of [...]

I died for beau…

I died for beauty, but was scarce Adjusted in the tomb When one who died for truth was lain In an adjoining room. He questioned softly why I failed? "For beauty"', I replied And I for truth - the two are one; "We brethren are", he said. And so as kinsmen met a night, We [...]


Light snow falls all this day. Birds beckoning Spring to show her face. Hiding lazily under snow covered frost.


"Winter" by Walter de la Mare Clouded with snow The cold wind blows, And shrill on leafless bough The robin with its burning breast Alone sings now. The rayless sun, Day’s journey done, Sheds its last ebbing light On fields in leagues of beauty spread Unearthly White. Thick draws the dark, and spark by spark, [...]

James Joyce “The Dubliners”

A reading of "The Dubliners" will make you marvel at James Joyce's poetic prose and caricature of various personages as they roam through the streets of this city.  It makes one want to get on a plane and go to Ireland.  I downloaded these stories gratis on my iphone with ibooks.  Since I always have [...]

“Looper” A Summary

If you have seen the movie "Looper", and aren't quite sure what was going on, perhaps this summary will help to make some sense of it.  Some viewers have criticized it for having too many holes in the plot.  This may be true, but part of the intrigue in watching "Looper" is the challenge of [...]