At Work ~ Photography

Photography by Dave Dreimiller from Hiram, Ohio.  In these images Dreimiller depicts the hardworking citizens in his area.  These are ordinary people, trying to make a difference. Using their skills to help others, many are volunteers.

Note:  Select individual pictures to read captions, and scroll down to view all photos.

Community Clean Up    Mantua, Ohio 2016


People at Work in 2015


Crafts persons at work   Home renovations

Depicted are the precision and manual dexterity, with which Jeff installs drywall at a home renovation project. Years of practice and dedication have enabled Jeff to master his trade. He shows no sign of slowing down on the job.

Nail Gun LR DSC_6852Luis, is portrayed operating a pneumatic nailer. Kneeling down at the worksite, this young worker, photogenically evokes a prideful perfection, in doing his task.

After a long hard days work, Tom rests. He is gazing downward, as if reflecting on all they accomplished, and all that lies ahead.
Keith runs the controls with intense concentration, being careful to make all of the correct moves with the machinery.
Luis’ perfect posture, and the tension of the muscles in his arms allude to the exactitude, with which he must handle the saw. Dreimiller has created a sort of dreamlike and misty surroundings for Luis’ workplace, playing on the dust, that must be flying in the air.
Ryan is looking on at the work, and despite being clothed to withstand the cold temperatures of Ohio, his aim is to plow forward, and finish the job.
Here we have Mark, happy to be finished with blowing away the snow from yet another storm blasting through Hiram, Ohio. Dreimiller shows empathy for the drudgery of the task at hand, in hopes there are no more storms in the forecast, or, for them to at least subside.
Updating a sign, at a local church in Solon, Ohio.
Tom volunteers his time, updating a sign at a local church in Solon, Ohio.

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