Willow’s Story

I mentioned earlier that I met a young woman named April, and in writing, also referred to a woman I met named Willow. I saw Willow today.  I see her on occasion because she works in the community. When I first noticed her name-tag, oh say, three years ago, I thought, “how unique!”  I notice names, and [...]

Historical Queens, in February

Queen Anne was born February 6th, in 1665. If anyone has ever seen the new movie called “The Favourite” it will make you wonder about the life Queen Anne led. That is if I have the same Queen Anne. The movie is a bit wild. Queen Anne’s relationships with her two ladies in waiting, and [...]

Odes to Winter

I see gray stone walls covered with snow, like powdered sugar sprinkled on a cake, or two - They guard the forest of bare spindly trees, rising out of the icy wetlands.  Birds sing a distant song. The piercing caw of a hawk startles me, in my tracks.  I am jolted from my thoughts.  Along [...]


A fabled bird, identified with the kingfisher. It was supposed to have had the power to calm the wind and the waves during the winter solstice while it rested on the sea. Halcyon has come to mean, days of fine weather seven days before and seven days after the winter solstice. Attributed by legend to [...]

Before moving on…

... to the woods and the prairie of Winnesheik (Chapter VII), Hamlin recollects, his school days in Wisconsin.  Instead of attending the village school, he and his siblings joined a few others at the home of John Roche.  He recalls John's daughter, Indiana, (a very cool name) whom they called Ingie. The selection of books [...]

With Love, Lizzie

As the train sped away to Minnesota, Her message was loud and clear: 'Crete, I left, too sick to say goodbye. With Love, Lizzie' The 20th day of July, in 1870 she died, at 37 years. Lost letters, and diaries, her story they tell, They say, 'Lizzie's body, lies here'. By TiffanyCreek Photo by Dave [...]