The Same Way

The Same Way

People don't  always see things in the same light.  Reactions will differ, from something to nothing at all.  Even in seeing a blade of grass. The same blade of grass in a sea of millions of other blades, an observer might ask: why are you looking at that blade of grass? -singular, like yourself. - [...]

December 3rd

On a walk this morning up the street, the sun was shining and the temperature was pleasantly nearing some 50 degrees.  The wind blew at varying tempos, fast, medium and slow. The rays of the sun came bouncing down to earth, dodging shadows in search of objects to reflect upon.  The brilliance glistened silver on [...]

And The Day Light Goes to Bed

The gray, white, fluffy clouds hang low in the baby blue sky. The constant moon glows, and shines, high overhead. The trees bursting with buds incline this way and that, like a pregnant woman ready to give birth. The bunny rabbit scurries under the dark olive bush wagging its white cotton tail. The street light [...]

Taking Care

The snow was all around today, The trees laden, of white fluffy stuff, emerged in the gray blue sky. There was a chill in the air. No birds were singing. The sound of shovels could be heard. The tread of feet crunched in the snow paved drive, Taking care of early morning rise. The day [...]

Much Needed Rain

As the day commences and the gray skies roll in, on this mid September day, I have thoughtless nothingness rolling through my mind. A vague recollection of a sweet dream, brought on by night fall's misty stars.  I try to wrap my mind around the blissful moment, but reality pushes out groggy sleep, to move [...]

March is Still

In the forest, wooden trunks, and structures stark in sunlight, stand tall in their multitude. Sentinels ready to file into Spring, without snow. Inside, the cawing of crows, outside. The ticking of the clock, on the mantel. Shapes of sound, poured into silence of time and space. Lush earthy aroma of cinders in the chimney [...]

“I cannot not sail”

While the grogginess of waking comes over me, on this gray rainy morning in early October, an autumnal mood hangs in the atmosphere. Yesterday, we were forewarned of the coming of Joaquín. Beware! A huge hurricane was riding the waves of the sea!  Relieved, we were spared from another big one. With the season in [...]

Dreams and Reality

Dreaming is essential to living, yet, can a dream ever be fully realized, or fulfilled?  Once it hits the threshold of reality, isn't it no longer a dream? How long can one sustain living in a dreamland, a world of fantasy, without hitting rock bottom? Aren't we only setting ourselves up for disappointment with too [...]