Where I ate the biggest bowl of oatmeal, in my life, and had a very nice guy serve me:)
These are my two chickadees, Carolina and Francisco. Love them to death, and was so happy to be with both, at the same time. We were in Beverly Hills at a photo exhibit.


Surfer’s – Encinitas Coming down the stairs to the beach I found these two surfers. Eager to get to their sport, I asked at the bottom, if they wouldn’t mind if I took their picture. One looked at the other, and they agreed. What a prize, this picture turned out to be.
"Lost and Found"
“Lost and Found”  All I could think of when I took this picture was who was the tiny girl who lost her slipper. The only one I could think of was Cinderella.  But who’s to say, if it wasn’t a boy.  Our fairy tales and myths stick with us and are passed from generation to generation.  It’s always up to the next one to debunk old myths to fit with new realities, especially when it comes to the opposite sex, and conventional ideas about love.
At the Beach
Loves Life