American Battle Monuments: Normandy, Brittany and Pointe du Hoc

These are a few of the photographs I took when we visited the Normandy and Brittany American Cemeteries this summer.  These two cemeteries are on French soil but their maintenance and care are under the American Battle Monuments Commission -  Pointe du Hoc is along the coast overlooking cliffs which the Allied Forces climbed, [...]

Ornamental fern

Ornamental fern

There are three of these ferns in my garden. They come out in the Spring and die back in the Fall every year at exactly the same time. They are clockwork.

Remembering War

This Memorial Day weekend the trials and tribulations of war veterans are very much on our minds.  On Memorial Day we commemorate the soldiers that have fought in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the wars following World War I. Our history lessons have clearly underlined the patriotic importance of the Revolutionary War. We know [...]

A Story About Love

Everyone wants to know about love.  What is love?  Why aren’t we loved?  Why do we fall in love and how can that person possibly love him or her?  Why didn’t I come first?  These are questions, which Chekhov raises in his story “About Love”. “About Love”, is an alluring story within a story by [...]