Empty LR DSC_5431

Like the beginner’s mind and heart,

The unpainted canvas,

And the unwritten song,

Accepting and embracing,

All that is empty.

GRB July 2014

Photo by Dave Dreimiller

The Empty Nest

A lot has happened in the past two years, since I started this blog. Children move out and move away. The empty nest is a place that recalls the voices and presence of those who are closest to you, except for your spouse, that is, if you are still together. But, even then, the closeness of a child growing up in a house hold, is a lot to let go. Nonetheless, ‘letting go’ is the name of the game, if we want our children to grow, and, if we want to grow into our next independent phase of life. Whatever that may be. Change is imminent! Change is good! Change is hard! Sweet memories persist by virtue of our own desire to exist in a happy state of mind.

So, the journey encompasses another phase in life. My name is still Georgianna, and I am still just as curious, if not more so, with the passing of time. My new chapter brings with it new interests, compounded with the old, perhaps less academic, and less concrete than before. Randomness and surprise, are more welcome in my space. I would say, I have returned to another life, I possessed before I earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and that is the life of being an artist, and exploring my own artistic potential.

My interests in languages, culture and my role as an educator are still on my plate, but embellished with the more creative side to my nature. I will continue to teach courses of Spanish at the University, enjoy the students, and think they will enjoy me even more, than they have in the past.  They are, of course, free to differ:)

With these words, I will continue to post to my blog, with poems, photographs, essays and various anecdotes of interest. I will highlight my passions making observations and reflections about travel, theatre and much more. The empty nest should bring with it new eggs to be hatched, new ideas to contemplate. Therefore, continue to enjoy!