About the Author

Born August 12, 1955, I was raised in a small town in the Midwest.  The title for my blog comes from a dry run called Tiffany Creek, which flowed beside the large red house I grew up in. The creek would fill up with water according to the fluctuations in rainfall.  It ran alongside our house, continued under Emerald Road, where it emptied into a wonderful pond, which my siblings and I named “Wokahala.”  The pond was large enough for us to hang ropes from the tree and swing from edge to edge as if we lived in the jungle. Our imagination soared! When there was a lot of rain, the creek would flood our yard providing endless refreshing moments of wading up to our knees as we feigned being on a raft or rowing a boat out at sea.  The water was a delight and revenge for our family as it inevitably made its way into the basement of our house, where an inadequate sump pump, installed by my father, failed to keep up.  Despite the inconvenience of flooding, the presence of Tiffany Creek in my childhood nurtured a sense of freedom within me and a mythical framework for my creativity to flourish.

I started this blog in 2012 out of a desire to share my existence, and my response to the world around me.  As a whole you will find many categories to explore that inform my interest in Photography, Writing, Reading, Drawing and Painting.  The writing, is a reflection of my ideas, and opinions. I enjoy writing literary reviews of what I learned from reading, especially philosophical questions other authors raise.  As I embark on more hiking trails I am inspired by the natural and supernatural worlds and recording the impression they make on my senses. Meditation and reflections have become an essential tool to kick my thoughts into words, and my images onto the page.

As I move into the year 2022 I hope this blog will evolve as a mirror of who I am, although I can’t say what that will look like, so for now, please feel free to check-in whenever you like, and we’ll see where it goes like Tiffany Creek, that still flows.  Thank you for reading.