About the Author

Born August 12, 1955, I was raised on Tiffany Creek, a dry run beside our house that would fill up with water according to the fluctuations in rainfall.  It ran alongside our house under the road and across the street it emptied into a wonderful pond, which we named Wokahala.  The pond was large enough for us to hang ropes from the tree and swing from edge to edge making believe we were Tarzan and Jane.  We had so much fun. The creek itself provided endless refreshing moments of wading up to our knees, and excitement when there was a lot of rain, because we never were sure when it would fill up and flood our yard.  Water was a delight and revenge from Mother Nature for our family.  To this day, I crave the presence of fresh bodies of water; lakes, rivers and streams, and as an adult, the ocean.

Basically my childhood was an aside to everything that happened around me, not worth going into detail about at this time, as it would require a great deal of brainstorming on my part.  Let it be said that my mom let me be and to explore the world with the eyes of a child.  Growing up would come soon enough. This kind of upbringing has nurtured a sense of freedom from within that I constantly need to cultivate in order to exist.

The place where I grew up is in the Upper Midwest of the U.S.A, and borders with Canada to the North, Minnesota, to the West, Michigan to the East, and Illinois, to the South.  These are the four corners of the universe, according to the American Indian lore.