Ona Dunneman & Martha Nihart

The foursome is definitely teachers, because I recognize Martha Nihart and Ona Dunneman, both of whom were friends of Annabelle.  Martha never married, and was my English teacher in high school 1952-56.  I have an early memory of Rose and I being upstairs in Alma’s house with Martha in her room, where she took a picture of us with her new camera.  Probably circa 1943.   Ona married, stayed local, and remained an acquaintance of Annabelle. JLR

In Front of the Alma and LH Rivard Home

The home of LH and Alma Rivard in TL.  During the hard times of the 30’s and into the 40’s, Alma rented two upstairs bedrooms to teachers to supplement the family income.   Annabelle Berg Rivard rented there.  I suspect the top photo is Alma with two teachers. John L Rivard

Who could the tall distinguished woman in the center have been? Was she a teacher? What did she teach?

Views of the Home of LH and Alma Rivard

The house in all the photos is the house of LH and Alma Rivard, their second house.  It was across the street from St. Ann’s church, with three lots facing the street, and 11 acres stretching out behind.  It had a large garden area out back, separate barn for about 3-4 cows, a chicken coop, and a large apple orchard further back with about 8 very productive trees of different varieties.  The lots on either side were vacant, until LH built the new house about 1952 on the lot to the right, after his lakeshore property development “Rivard Park” near Lake Wapogasset (Amery) had put him back on a solid financial footing (he sold out the 53 platted lakeshore lots). 

All five children of Alma Laurin Rivard lived in this house, and became young adults in this house, but Raymond remembered living in their house next to the blacksmith shop, so none was born in this house. JLR


Do you know this dog?

“The dog is Fitzi, beloved pet of the LH and Alma Rivard family, especially Louise. It’s very likely that the dog was never a favorite of the exceptionally clean housekeeper Alma. But Fitzi had acquired legendary status by the time the children of Louise and Raymond heard the stories.” JLR